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In the past three years, I’ve been privileged to find an audience for a lifelong passion. But, as every freelance writer knows, not everything we’d like to write fits into the neat box of a magazine pitch. News cycles come and go, moments pass, and by the time we have a take it’s lukewarm, and probably over the word count anyway.

During this time, I have had the additional privilege of a blog platform on Patheos, Young Fogey, where I can off-load some of these “takes that don’t belong.” This has been some of my best work, and it has reached a wide and appreciative readership, for which I’m very grateful. At the same time, I’ve felt increasingly that the time may be right to offer my readers a new, better, more consistent reading experience. While I plan to keep my Patheos spot open, this will be a space where I feel more free to experiment, to share reflections that may or may not be tied to a news cycle, without being compassed ‘round by ads and without the unwelcome combox contributions of the trollish. Some of these will be offered free, while some will be reserved for paying subscribers.

To my long-time followers, thank you. I hope you continue to get something out of my work. To newcomers, I hope you find something you like.

Further up, and further in!

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Freelance writer, teacher, maths Ph.D., cultural critic, bad Anglican. You might have spotted me at World, National Review, First Things, The Spectator, The Critic, Plough, or someplace else.