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God bless for your effort to find worthy causes for the kingdom and bringing light onto them. I’ll give what I can.

In the end the ridiculous amounts of money being created belong to the King. The Lord directs the hearts of the lesser kings wherever he pleases and with it their resources.

I can take the small amount I’ve been given and give it to what I have decided in my heart to give.

May His name be praised.

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Good column. I too have that syndrome where you observe people throwing money away on nothing while people worldwide are desperate for basic necessities. It is amazing that people I rate as "non-Christians who are basically good" don't do this math, becsuse they're cognitively able, but maybe only a Christian can, even a poor specimen such as myself.

Maybe it's just that the script people live, "the American dream", is so pervasive that no one can believe there might be another approach.

And it's not that I give away all of my tiny stash of money. I am nearing 70, have very few friends, none well-off, and I like keeping some money in the bank for a rainy day. These days I don't think I donate even 10% of my income.

If I thought for a minute that buying some material good would purchase me any happiness, or relieve any of my various stresses and pains, I might do that. But I am pretty sure it wouldn't, so it's not a mighty act of self-denial on my part not to. You do need a measure of money but most of one's riches are non-material.

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I like giving directly to causes . I support two missionaries ,in Africa ,Alaska. I prefer not to give monies to large charities (though I do ) because of the exorbitant salaries that most of them pay their staff. I enjoyed supporting Tributaries of Hope . The character Jimmy Donaldson - Don’t really know how to think about his antics . Beth is it possible for me to raise my donation to you to 25$ . I appreciate the good work that you are doing . If yes ,how do I do that ?

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I did like the comment that I saw somewhere else about somebody being "as free as a poor man". It is glorious not to need to impress anyone or worry if you are manifesting the correct opinions. Or be under the tyranny of taking care of the stuff you own.

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