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All good, but this-- “She did not need to feel forgiveness”-- really good. It’s a surprising truth.

And I remember hearing a larger version , which is also hard to apply. It’s about the person who doesn’t feel faith in God but chooses to keep on acting like a Christian and practicing its teachings, including prayer.

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Thank you for wading in. As a mostly-recovering third way-er, I do still think there's something to be said for and learned from fidelity in demonstrating a quality of mercy which frustrates folks across the political spectrum. Example: those who were mad at Brandt Jean are generally a different stripe than those who are mad that these funeral expenses are covered, but it's the same sort of mercy on display, and the frustrations, while coming from very different political camps, also share a similar shape.

Also, as a friend noted on Twitter, "The Palantír subtly, but insidiously, subverts its user": our internet and media-driven pseudo-omniscience rewards hot takes and The Discourse in ways that extract a cost from our souls. We could just…let people do things for other people…but our context and our flesh won't allow it, even if our responses are delayed. It's never too late to make anything the main thing in The Discourse, and you absolutely don't have to be connected to it in any meaningful way. Yet another great time for one of my favorite videos, now…15 years old. Yikes. https://youtu.be/OQnd5ilKx2Y

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