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I discovered you on Twitter. I first would read Twitter without an account and finally got one, but I do not use my name (did at one point but then changed to be anonymous). I am a SBC pastors wife, mom, nurse practitioner and for me Twitter is a place where I feel like there are people who think the way I do about lots of things. With everything going on with SBC, my job as a nurse practitioner etc I feel like the ground is absolutely shifting under my feet. So many institutions I relied on are just not what I thought they were. Finding accounts like yours on Twitter has made the world feel less…lonely. You are one of my favorite accounts and I feel like we are friends!! I know it’s weird because we’ve never met and my account is anonymous but you have been so encouraging to me. So, I hope Twitter doesn’t go away.

I worry about losing my job/ not being able to find work in the future l/hurting my husband’s job if I make my account with my actual name. Outside of my husband and immediate family, there is no one I talk to about the topics I follow on Twitter. I don’t know anyone personally who uses Twitter.

You give words to things that I see and know to be true. That’s why I feel like we are friends. Thank you for writing.

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Well said. I wouldn’t plan the funeral just yet - not that you are. The whole verification/checkmark thing is changing all the time and I think we’re far from its final state.

I think Elon “gets” Twitter, and he’s just playing around with the controls and causing chaos because A) he is testing out various things to see how they work - he tweeted something to that effect last week, and B) he likes attention and controversy. On that note, I’d guess he’s saving the reintroduction of Babylon Bee for a day when he wants extra attention.

Musk narcissism flaws aside, I’ve got faith in his business acumen and vision, so I’m cautiously optimistic for Twitter.

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I may have a unique perspective on this. I never had any social media until Substack about 6 months ago, and I only made a Twitter account a couple weeks back.

I agree completely with your assessment of Twitter: great way to stay updated/connected; huge time waster. I finally see what all the fuss is about, but people fuss over the stupidest things.

I wouldn’t count Twitter as down and out yet. The Muskinator is the visionary entrepreneur of our time. I’m sure he’s got something cooking.

As to utilizing the chat feature on Substack: You could post shorter essays that ask a question/raise a topic that you think deserves attention and then the chat feature will be a way for us (the audience/you) to hash things out. Twitter may be the largest public square on the internet, but it’s certainly not the only one.

Lastly: you mentioned it in passing, but the human brain was certainly not meant to process so much information at once. Twitter/the internet in general have immeasurable capabilities for promoting the general welfare; but people are people, so it’ll be used mostly for evils not yet comprehensible to the 21st century mind.

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